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60 Places I Go For Design Inspiration

I love art and design. So I go to many sites to get inspiration before I start a big project, especially if I’m having a bit of designers block. I get a lot of questions about where I draw my influence or inspiration from. Well, I get it from other artist or any media that I subject my eyes and mind to. I’m very selective, but yet, I still have a broad reach when it comes to influence. I go from Classical Art ,Sci-Fi, Rap ect. That way, I stay with a relevant artistic mind frame as I view the […]

How I Turned A CD Cover Into An Animation

I’ve been playing around with motion design as a hobby for a couple of years now. I find it challenging, but also very fun to do. This is my first motion work that I’ve shown to the public, and I hope that you like it. What I plan on showing you in this post is some of the different elements used to bring it to life. The font used is the famous Helvetica Neue Medium and bold expanded. I also used Courier New in other portions of the CD Art. Next I searched for some stock photo of an awesome […]


Why Modern Warfare 2’s Presentation Is Awesome

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most successful video game launch titles to date. With consumers, it’s a love/hate relationship because some people feel that they were ripped off by not getting a public beta. What they got was, a game with a short single player, a nice co-op, and an incredible multiplayer that was filled with glitches that many people took advantage of. With all that aside, millions of people log on and play the game each day. That includes me and the crew that I roll with, but this article isn’t about that. What […]