I wield art like a gun, but I aim to please you.

Some might compare me to a Mad Scientist that loves to create joyful monstrosities. Being an award winning designer, my lab is filled with creative tools that are always at my disposal. I draw heavy influence from a lot of Sci-Fi, Modern/Classical Art and, Pop Culture elements. My work is serious, but there is a lot of fun involved. I have the experience of over 15 years designing, and over 20 years in freehand illustration, this is what you see in the products presented for your promotional arsenal. This is how I serve you! 🙂

I’m also one of the founders of www.inspiks.com

In my portfolio you’ll find a diverse collection of premium designs specializing in Church Events, Benefit Concerts, CD Artwork, Corporate Flyers, and a few other surprises that are coming down the pipeline.


What Buyers and Fans are Saying

– I thought the product had excellent design and very complete as it is a package, but after receiving your five star customer service, I am extremely impressed! You make a perfect example of someone who’s a great designer with great business skills! Awesome work, great customer service, 5-star quality product and amazing and timely communication! A thousand thanks! I’ll keep coming back to check for more of your products! Clay

– My Dear brother in Christ, as a fellow Graphic Designer who’s a Christian, I say “Thank YOU ”! and Thank God for you! This flyer was what I needed for a concert I’m prepping for! Thank You so much – This was an excellent work! The glory of God shone through this design – once I laid my eyes on it, it was soo attractive that it pulled me in! I had 5 choices, but I kept coming back to this one! Yes, I just bought it…:) This goes to show that to promote an event, you don’t need to have ridiculous pictures of naked ladies running up and down your flyer – The simplicity of Grace and the excellence of the design is enough to pull in the crowds! Great job Sir.

– Chris this is hot as a firecracker. Keep it coming.

loswl – This looks like the the Creation (whatever that looks like) I love the clean feel and movement you have going on in the background, nicely done!

– This is one of your best works man! The typography was amazing, the manipulation was sweet, and the colors were fantastic! I can see this being a top selling church flyer

– WOW ! Love it! I have bought a couple of yours and this will be the next investment Thanks for the hard work and dedication!

– The little details add up so nicely. I love it how you use some renaissance techniques to create the feeling of size and distance. I haven’t seen that on a flyer too often.  good job!

Recent Clients

Pastor Billy Crone (Get a Life Media)
Steve Quayle
Sheila Zilinsky
Lisa Haven
Doug Staufer (Bible Doug)
Tiger Stream
KFC Franchises
Morton College
Sword of the Spirit Ministries
Silver Ring Thing
KD Music Management & Marketing
Shannon Construction
WOW Mobile
The Mission: Thrift Store/Ministry
Wheel World (DC Rims/CE Wheel)
Links Inc. Greater Miami Chapter
Snatch & Grab Ent.
Freestyle Evolution
Gabriel Diaz Photography


Burdines Scholastic National Student Art Exhibition

Scholastic Achievement Award

MDCC “Cultural Diversity” Poster Contest

Trophy 2nd Place

Dade County Public Schools Art Works Gallery

“My Point of View” Certificate of Award