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I wield art like a gun, but I aim to please you!

Some might compare me to a Mad Scientist that loves to create joyful monstrosities. Being an award-winning designer, I fill my lab with creative tools that are always at my disposal. I draw heavy influence from a lot of Sci-Fi, Modern/Classical Art and Pop Culture elements. My work is serious, but there is a lot of fun involved. I have the experience of over 20 years of designing and conceptualizing ideas that have generated millions of dollars. These skills are what you see in the projects and products presented for your promotional arsenal. This is how I serve you! 🙂

In my portfolio, you’ll find a diverse collection of premium designs specializing in Church Events, Benefit Concerts, CD Artwork, Corporate Flyers, and a few other surprises that are coming down the pipeline.


Where to find my products

I’m an 11 year design veteran in this marketplace and I’m also an elite author with hundreds of products to choose from.

SeraphimBlack is my alternative account. You’ll find more items that are not found in my original collection. I’m also an elite author as well.

If you are familiar with the Etsy marketplace, I have some great templates for customers looking for an easy way to market their upcoming event.

I’ve been able to supply some unique items on CreativeMarket that aren’t found in my other two stores.

Recent Clients

Pastor Billy Crone (Get a Life Media)
Juan O Savin (Kid by the Side of the Road)
American Media Periscope
Kirk Elliott, PHD
Hear the Watchmen
Steve Quayle
Sheila Zilinsky
Lisa Haven
Doug Staufer (Bible Doug)
Tiger Stream
Morton College


Burdines Scholastic National Student Art Exhibition

Scholastic Achievement Award

MDCC “Cultural Diversity” Poster Contest

Trophy 2nd Place

Dade County Public Schools Art Works Gallery

“My Point of View” Certificate of Award